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Road trips are good for the soul. When you’re in the area of Lowell, North Carolina, there are countless trips that you can take. Pick a direction and find excitement. At McKenney Chevrolet, we’ll not only provide you with a reliable vehicle but also some road trip destinations to help feed your sense of adventure.


Virginia Beach is approximately five and a half hours away. Once you arrive, you can play on the boardwalk, splash around in the waves of the Atlantic, have some family fun. There’s a significant amount of history throughout the area, especially with Norfolk being only a few minutes down the road.

You can embrace the nightlife, check out some of the museums, and eat until you’re full at the many restaurants. If you want an added road trip, you can always choose to drive out to Williamsburg for some added history, which is another hour down the road.


If you’ve been thinking about learning about more of the nation’s history, you can visit Washington DC. With a bit of pre-planning, you can even score passes to see the Capitol as well as the White House. It’s not all about history in DC, though. You can explore countless Smithsonian museums. It’s also worth the drive out to National Harbor in Maryland. It’s a chance to get an incredible view of the Capitol Wheel. Plus, you can dine on fresh Maryland crab cakes, relax in some of the hotel’s spas, and more before you decide to get back onto the road.


The Poconos can provide you with an exciting adventure, tucked away in the mountains. You can take hikes to see waterfalls, spend your afternoons fishing, and more. Depending on when you make your road trip, you can choose to go river rafting, skiing, and more. You may want to consider roughing it by camping or basking in the luxury of a bed and breakfast.

Whatever you choose to do, there’s plenty for everyone in the Pocono Mountains. Plus, from Lowell, you can get to the area in about nine hours.


Savannah is a beautiful area of Georgia. It’s a chance to put the southern hospitality to the test in some of the most incredible restaurants and B&Bs. This road trip is only about four hours away, too. Of course, you can always extend it with stops in Rock Hill, Columbia, and other towns.

Once you get to Savannah, you might want to spend most of your time along the historic district. There are countless cobblestone roads for you to explore. There’s also quite a bit of mystery at night – and you can discover it with a ghost tour.


You may want to consider driving down the east coast, all the way down into Florida. St Augustine is just south of Jacksonville. Not only is it the oldest city in the country, it’s also the home of the Fountain of Youth. You can spend some time driving around some of the history and even take a sip from the fountain.

Throughout St Augustine, you can find wineries, distilleries, and plenty of high-end restaurants. You may also want to make a trip down to the beach. The road trip will be about 7 hours one-way, though you can always extend by checking out some of the other beaches throughout Florida. The infamous Daytona Beach is only a bit further south if you want to do some fishing or even catch a NASCAR race.


Chattanooga is a fun drive that’s only about five hours away. You’ll be right at the Chattahoochee National Forest, too, so be sure you take time to drive through some of the trails that are there. While you’re in the town of Chattanooga, you can visit Rock City Gardens along with the local aquarium. You won’t want to miss out on Ruby Falls, either – which is a 145-foot underground waterfall. Plus, you can venture into other parts of Tennessee to extend your road trip. Nashville, Knoxville, and more are within reach.

Visit us at McKenney Chevrolet today. We can introduce you to some of the hottest models. Plus, our service center can ensure your current vehicle is good to go for the road trip of your choosing.

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